G-Suite Migration

More than just G-Suite, the best collaboration suite in the cloud, ZALTS delivery the necessary support to ensure continuity of access to files and emails during the services migration safely and transparent to your business. Our experts have migrated thousands of accounts to G-Suite, in many different countries and company cultures.


The migration strategy is defined according to the complexity of your business needs:

Right Start

From the beginning, there is much to plan and solve. If you are working in the collaborative environment and you do not have registered your domain yet, we will help you quickly reach your access to the cloud.

Fast Migration

The migration of emails, existing contacts, and calendars in your mail platform is not always necessary. Dispensing with old data will be less time and cost.

Personalized Migration

Allows your users to extract the maximum from the platform, including the individual training, awareness, the full information migration, including personal equipment.

During deployment, we understand and customize the phases of migration according to the criticality of users to your business such as:


People who need a customized migration and personalized service. They have a certain amount of data or diversity of equipment to be treated.


People who are early adopters and help to understand how best to integrate the product into your business and to spread its use.

Other Employees

We treat training processes and change management with high criticality and is necessary to ensure minimal or no impact on the operation of employees at all stages of migration, to increase collaboration and results.


Various business solutions using these platforms to communicate with your employees, customers, and suppliers. Among the survey activities, we evaluate the migration of involved applications as part of the success for G-Suite adoption.


As important as the migration process, ZALTS is committed to the clients business success. We offer custom operation support services such as normal or extended office hours, full-time on weekdays and full-time every day.