Cloud Advisory

More than move to the cloud, it is important to define the problem to be solved and which services are the best and most appropriate solutions for your business. ZALTS has a team of experts ready to evaluate your company existing applications and computing infrastructure and establish a favorable route for their cloud integration.

ZALTS team will determine how simple or complex the migration of your business to the cloud will be, what benefits to be achieved as well as assess any risks or points that deserve more attention..

From a minimum amount of information it is collected:

  • Servers inventory
  • Workstations
  • Email services
  • Software Licensing
  • Data Volume
  • Network diagram

Quick Analysis

Based on provided information our team will clearly suggest the way and easiness of migration of your infrastructure in the cloud, containing:

  • Estimated costs without optimization for servers and data migration to the cloud
  • Different solutions according to the best available cloud service. E.g.: Google Apps for e-mail server to Google Apps, Windows for Amazon or Google Cloud
  • Migration feasibility according to existing software versions and platforms

Comprehensive Analysis

Includes Quick Analysis plus:

  • Review of human resources for operation
  • Connectivity impact analysis
  • Mobility opportunity
  • Return of Investment
  • Multi-cloud and collocation analysis
  • Infrastructure architecture review
  • Maintenance window
  • Type of storage equipment
  • Contingency and disaster recovery assessment
  • Opportunity for software update/upgrade
  • Applied security improvement

On Demand

Cloud solution analysis for new projects, training, and coaching.