Our different proposal to open paths to even more companies have access to the available technology and digital security resources achieved credibility and secured partnerships with two technology giants in the world: Google and Amazon. Their huge storage and processing capacity and processing allow us to create and deploy complete solutions in the cloud, email services to systems and databases, focusing aspects of usability, security and continuity of operation.

Cloud computing services are becoming increasingly popular among companies of all segments that, in a large-scale, have been moving their IT services for resident servers operated in a virtual environment. Such services are not limited to large companies. SMBs can also benefit and plan more accurately. Shared or exclusive virtualized servers, storage areas and other items of IT infrastructure are flexible when operated in the cloud. Changing the computing power is made on demand, no waiting, quickly and securely, resulting in efficiency and cost rationalization.

ZALTS simplifies and enables broad access to technology solutions unable or impractical for most companies before. This includes, in addition to what is most innovative in supporting projects development, the support of the best professionals that continuously improve all this technology.